America’s Got Talent finals: Landau Eugene Murphy, Poplyfe, Silhouettes and Team iLuminate


The car washer-turned-jazz musician Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. was the first who took the stage with an impressive rendition of Frank Sinatra’s My Way, making judge Piers Morgan exclaim: “I can tell you that was a million dollar performance.”

“You gave me goose bumps. It was perfectly sung.” fellow judge Sharon Osbourne said.

“There’s a real good chance that you just sealed the deal,” added Howie Mandel, who is on the judging panel too.

Landau was followed on stage by lit-up dance troupe Team iLuminate.

Wearing all black and performing in the dark with just their lit-up costumes, the group landed a standing ovation from all three judges.

“You’re what this country is about. What America needs right now is smart young people with bright ideas that are completely original,” Morgan said, while Osbourne quipped, “You’re exactly the reason why our show is so different to every other talent show. To be able to give you guys a stage, it’s like an honor to us. It’s groundbreaking what you do

Pop group Poplyfe followed, with a mash-up of Queen’s We will Rock you and We are the Champions.

Lead singer Kehlani ended the performance in tears after missing a few notes, prompting Morgan to ask her: “Why are you crying?”

“Because,” Kehlani answered, “I just want people to understand that we worked so hard…and we’ve been through so much, and we can come out on top, and we just hope people understand that we really want this!”

“You are stars no matter what,” Sharon said. “Your singing wasn’t great tonight but your passion was, you can bank on that.”

“I believe you are champions and have what it takes. I felt some of the notes were a little off,” Howie added.

Theatrical troupe Silhouettes were next up. The group dazzles with a unique style creative shadow storytelling mixed with photographic overlay and artistic dancing.

The dancers received a standing ovation from the audience and most of the judges’ comments were hardly heard.

“We loved it. America loved it!” Mandel exclaimed.

The finalist of America ’s Got Talent season six will be revealed tonight on NBC.