Gérard Depardieu explains urination incident on CNN

Last month, Depardieu made the headlines with an incident on board an aircraft. While traveling by plane to Dublin, ​​he urinated in a plane cabin after he was refused permission by a flight attendant to use the rest room during takeoff.

On Tuesday night, Gérard gave an interview to Anderson Cooper on CNN. The choice of the journalist didn’t happen by chance. Known for its calm and self-control, the TV host had taken a dose of uncontrollably laugh while talking about Depardieu’s peeing incident on his show The Ridiculist.

The 62-year-old recounted how the flight attendant blocked the toilet door with her foot and told him to get back to his seat.

Since she vehemently refused to understand him, he borrowed an empty water bottle and relieved himself.

“I’m not a monster. I’m just a man who wants to pee,” Gérard told Cooper on CNN.

But his solution wasn’t as efficient as he had expected as it overflowed. He jokingly explained: “I am an elephant . . . I have a lot of pee. I don’t understand why she blocked the door.”

The interview ends with Anderson Cooper telling Depardieu that each member of the public received an empty bottle as a tribute to that used by the French actor. However, Gérard promptly showed a 5-liter recipient would be fit for his needs.

Two weeks ago, Gérard Depardieu appeared in a small clip in the role of Obelix facing a pressing desire to satisfy his character’s love for wild boar.