Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. is the big winner of America ’s Got Talent season 6

Soulful vocalist Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. beat the three other finalists: Team iLuminate, Poplyfe and the Silhouettes.

“Thank you so much for just believing in me,” the jazz singer said after hearing the victory was his. “It’s been a long, hard journey, ever since I was a kid. And it’s finally paying off.”

Murphy, a native of Logan , W.Va. , went from washing cars and living on the street to scoring $1 million and a Las Vegas headlining contract.

“It’s beyond belief,” he told People shortly after winning. “Is this really happening? I’m standing on a red carpet taking pictures. It feels wonderful.”

“I started off as a toddler dancing for my family and friends. It’s been a hard journey trying to get to this point.”

“I want to place hope back into [society], because it’s like people have lost hope in their dreams and desires,” he said. “I want to reverse that.”

Murphy’s Las Vegas show at Caesars Palace kicks off on October 28.