World’s most expensive Lamborghini Aventador model car costs $4.2 million

The piece has a starting price of $ 4.2 million, almost 12 times more than the price of a life sized version, and it’s made ​​of gold, carbon fiber, platinum, bulletproof glass and precious gems. A 1/1000mm thin thread of solid gold is wrapped around the carbon fibres that form the body of the car.

“This is a high-tech work of art,” Gulpen said. “I wanted to do something unique, something that has not existed until now.”

The materials used for building this model cost $2 million and the artist worked around 500 hours to complete the construction.

The model will be will be auctioned by Southeby’s in December, but if you’ve just got to have it right now, you can buy it for set price of $6.2 million.

The model will be put on sale in auctions organized by Sotherby’s or Chrystie’s in New York or Dubai with a starting bid of $4.83 million. At least $690,000 will be donated to charity.