George Clooney is a married man…in Norwegian commercial

Known for his commercials for the famous brand of coffee Nespresso, still plays the card of humor.

The ad shows a blonde waking up with a heavy hangover, apparently without remembering what happened the day before, in what looks like a honeymoon suite.

As she gradually discovers a big rock on her finger, Polaroids scattered on the desk and a wedding dress, she becomes more and more startled and begins to figure out what is going on.

That’s when George enters the room in pajamas.

“I like your dress, it looks better off than on,” he says, and everything becomes clear.

“I’ve been looking at places for us in Lillestrom,” he tells the shocked bride, as he begins searching the internet for a new home for the couple.

The advertisement ends with a slogan, written in Norwegian: “Some people are lucky in life. For the rest of us, saving up can be smart.”