iPhone 5 won’t be carried by T-Mobile at launch but will be unveiled October 4

Following numerous leaks of internal memos and listings, it was thought until now that the iPhone 5 will be available from all operators including T-Mobile. However, it appears that competitors AT & T, Sprint and Verizon are the only ones to finally offer the iPhone 5 in their 2011 catalog.

According to a leaked internal memo from T-Mobile USA CMO Cole Brodman, the highly anticipated device is not n the cards for the company this year.

The post on T-Mobile’s internal blog reads:

“Our business is working very hard to improve performance over the last couple of years and we’ve had some great success,” said Brodman. New products and value plans are fueling positive customer response, he added, and Brodman expects the excitement to continue into the holiday season as T-Mobile introduces two new smartphones. Note: “We are not going to get the iPhone 5 this year,” Brodman said.

Recent reports said the iPhone 5 is likely to be unveiled at the next Apple event on October 4.