Mel Gibson accused of trying to run over a man

Nader Sharif accused Mel of swindling him out of $200,000 by making him invest in a recyclable rubber company. Consequently, Sharif sued the actor in June.

But now he’s accusing Gibson of having tried to run him over in July when they bumped into each other at a Costa Rican bakery.

In new documents filed today Sharif claims Mel called him “vile and offensive names” and threatened him. As Gibson got in his car, he speeded in Sharif’s direction who, he claims, jumped out of the way.

However a witness says Sharif is lying, stating that Gibson was having a “sweet pastry” in the bakery when Sharif confronted him.

The onlooker told TMZ that Mel asked Sharif to leave but the latter wouldn’t listen. He also says Gibson didn’t speed towards Sharif at any moment and that there are at least 7 other witnesses who will confirm the story.