Michael Jackson fans kicked out of courtroom for glaring at Dr. Conrad Murray

Reports say Jackson fans who came to witness the trial of Dr. Murray “staring down Murray and giving him dirty looks.”

Due to the glares, the court deputy was forced to remove all the spectators from court, with members of the media being the only ones left.

According to a correspondent for TruTV, Jean Casarez, as Murray walked over, he happened to meet the eyes with one of Jackson ‘s fans in the back row. The correspondent reported that the fan gave the doctor “a strong, strong look.”

When the bailiff told the woman not to do that again, she responded out loud, “If he stares at us, we’re gonna stare right back.” She was then asked to leave the courtroom.

Judge Michael Pastor insisted on the admissibility of a study from Chile that shows oral ingestion may not kill, as well as that of the This Is It press conference video.