iPhone 5: release date in the first half of October?

The site Apple Insider reports that Apple management has banned employees from going on vacation between 9 and 12 October (a period they called “special”) and between 14 and 15 October.

“The first block of [blacked out] dates – the 9th through the 12th – could pertain to the release of iOS 5 for existing iOS device owners on Monday the 10th,” says AppleInsider. And “the second block of retail blackout dates – October 14th and 15th – could signal availability of the fifth-generation iPhone hardware by that Friday.”

In addition, The Next Web writes that the dates of several upcoming Twitter developer events might mean that Apple will release the gadget on or before October 10.

According to the site, the events, “seem to be focusing on the integration of Twitter into Apple’s upcoming iOS 5 software.”

The date of the first event in October 10 and it will take place in London , and the second will be held in New York on the 12th.

Other reports regarding the release of the iPhone 5 state that Apple has decided to hold the next Keynote at its headquarters in Cupertino , rather than in the usual location in San Francisco .

There is no official explanation for this choice, but some say this could be justified by the fact that this is the first Keynote held by Tim Cook as the head of Apple since the departure of Steve Jobs.