Michael Jackson’s children Prince and Paris might testify in the Conrad Murray trial

Tomorrow marks the first day of Murray ‘s involuntary manslaughter trial.

According to Radar Online, MJ’s two eldest children have expressed their desire to participate in this trial by testifying in court.

“Katherine is resisting the move, because she knows how traumatic it would be for them, but both Prince Michael and Paris have said they want to tell the jury what they saw on the day their father died,” A Jackson family insider told the site.

However, their grandmother and guardian, Katherine Jackson, hesitates because she knows it will be a traumatic experience for them.

“Both LaToya and Katherine agree, however, that Blanket should not testify as he is too young,” the source said.

“Prince and Paris are determined to take the stand, though. Ultimately, I don’t believe Katherine will deny them that chance, even though she doesn’t want them to and has told them so. The kids have said they don’t want their father’s legacy to be tarnished by the trial and they believe their evidence will help convict Doctor Murray.”

“LaToya has said it would be good for the children to, ‘Get what is inside them, out of them.’ She feels it is a way for them to release the hurt. Above all though, she believes her brother was murdered and what Prince Michael and Paris could tell the jury would inevitably help convict the doctor.”

Also, an insider revealed to People that the Jackson family has opposite views as to whether Murray is guilty.

“Half the family believes he’s a fall guy and the other half thinks he was negligent,” the source says. “Katherine thinks he was negligent.”

Opening statements will be held Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor’s courtroom.