“Mommy Tummy” simulator takes you through a 9-month pregnancy in two minutes

The entire experience of 9 months is condensed in just 2 minutes.

In order to test the device, the user must put on a special jacket that contains balloons, a vibrating motor, a water bag, air actuators and other elements that simulate the sensations a woman has during pregnancy.

First, the balloons inflated to simulate breast growth, then the water bag fills with warm water, simulating the increase in size of the fetus.

At six months, the “baby” starts to kicking, a feeling reproduced by the air actuators around the stomach.

Finally, the baby turns its head downward to prepare for birth. This experience can be visualized by the users on a screen placed in front of them, displaying a real-life fetus.

While in the “pregnancy” suit, users were asked to lift an object off of the floor or lie down on a bed and then getting up quickly to discover how difficult it is for pregnant women to carry out these actions.

The device was presented in the Tokyo Game Show last week.