Urbee, the world’s first 3D-printed hybrid car, unveiled – VIDEO

The vehicle’s Canadian designers used 3D printing technology to build the car’s body layer by layer.

In the “additive manufacturing process”, ultra thin composites were fused together to form the body work.

A series of electric engines with a conventional single-cylinder aggregate functioning by ethanol can be found inside Urbee. Thanks to this combination, the car can output 8 horsepower that can sprint to 100 km / h.

With these figures, you can drive over 100 miles on the highway with only 1.17 liters of ethanol, while consumption in the city is double.

In addition, the company that developed the concept, Kor EcoLogic, says that solar panels can be mounted on it to recharge batteries.

“This process could revolutionize how we make things. It has certainly changed my way of thinking about manufacturing,” Kor told the BBC.

Estimated price ranges from $10,000 – $50,000 based on whether the Urbee will enter mass production.