Jennifer Lopez is “rising above” divorce, according to American idol judge Randy Jackson

The singer has returned to work as a juror on the American Idol show, alongside Rady Jackson and Steven Tyler.

And according to Jackson , the 42-year-old isn’t letting her personal problems get in the way of her work.

“We’ve been doing auditions and she’s rising above,” fellow judge Randy Jackson, 55, told People at the iHeartRadio Music Festival, referring to Jennifer’s divorce from Marc Anthony. “She’s strong, she’s a trouper, she’s a great girl. She’s amazing.”

“Whatever help we need to give, we’ll give her,” he added.

Lopez performed for 25 minutes at the musical festival on Saturday, igniting the stage with her dance routine and medley of hits.

“I don’t want to see anyone trying to act cool around here,” she told the crowd. “I want to see you dancing and jumping and singing and acting like a fool.”