Michael Jackson’s personal assistant reveals Dr Conrad Murray’s panicked call

The testimony of Michael Amir Williams, one of Jackson ’s relatives, offered insight into the late singer’s final days.

Williams, who was hired as personal assistant in mid-2007, said Michael practiced for his This Is It concert on June 24 and was very happy with the result.

He also recounted his conversations with Murray when he discovered Jackson was dead.

The court played the voicemail that Murray left on Williams’ phone before he called 911 which showed he was in a state of panic.

“Call me right away, please. Please call me right away. Thank you,” Murray is heard saying on the recording.

Williams called Murray back two minutes later.

“He said “Where are you?” I said: “I’m downtown”. He said “Get here right away, Mr. Jackson had a bad reaction. Get here right away”… He said “Get somebody up here immediately,”” Williams said in court today.

Williams added that Murray never asked to call the emergency services or provide details about the health of Jackson .

After Williams found out about MJ’s death, Murray told him that “there’s some cream in Michael’s room… that he wouldn’t want the world to know about. And he requested that I or someone give him a ride back to the house to get it.”

“I was emotional. There was a lot going on. that was the last thing I really was thinking about,” he said.

The assistant also revealed that he waited two months after Jackson ’s death to tell the police about Murray ’s strange request.