Brad Pitt on his phobia and why he won’t take up directing films

In an interview with Empire magazine, the 47-year-old confessed he focuses on moving forward in life and has an irrational fear of reversing in a vehicle.

“If I’m walking out the door and I’ve forgotten something, I can’t go back and get it,” he told the mag. “It is something in my nature. If I’m driving down the road and I miss a turn, I have to keep going forward. I can’t reverse. It’s some kind of psychological defect.”

“I don’t know the reason why… But it’s just that, for better or worse, I want to keep moving on. I don’t like to go backwards. It’s not what I’m good at.”

His most recent film is Moneyball, a movie about the world of baseball. The actor said he doesn’t know much about this sport, but likes to play games with his sons.

“I know very little about baseball besides the fact I took one in the face when I was in junior high. Eighteen stitches was the result of that incident. I like to play ball with my boys though, throw the ball around, these kind of things. I like American football and football-football,” Brad said.

In the interview, Pitt also explained why to move behind the camera and become a director as it would drive his family “crazy”.

“I have no aspirations for directing,” he said. “It would drive me crazy and my family crazy, I’d never see them. It would take me three years to do it. I like what I do now.”

“I love cinema and I’m still watching films I was watching 20 years ago. Making films that stand, that’s the goal.”