Robbie Williams is leaving Take That again

During an interview with Radio Times, Gary Barlow, a member of Take That, confirmed that Robbie Williams has again left the band to concentrate on his solo projects, as he had done for the first time in 1995.

“It was beautiful. We got on well. We finished the tour. We’re all happy. The fans have come along and been happy. Great, great, great, great, great,” he told Radio Times.

“Now Rob’s doing a solo record, and from this point it’s back to where it was.”

Gary also said that Take That’s revival as a five-man band “ended perfectly. You know what, we can revisit it whenever we want. He’s our brother, Rob is, and if he’s ever in trouble or he wants to have a year off being Robbie Williams, he’s welcome any time he wants.”

However, a spokesman for the group insisted earlier this year that the band’s current composition is simply on “a break.”

“I can confirm that the band are not splitting and there is no pending announcement of a split. The band are on a break, Gary is doing X Factor and Robbie is working on his new solo album,” the rep announced in a statement.