Casey Anthony on probation: unemployed, no income, drinks alcohol

Anthony checked in with her probation officer at 5:45 p.m. Monday, the Florida Department of Corrections said, in what was the second such monthly check-in since her probation began.

The 25-year-old told the probation officer that she is still unemployed, has no income and has drunk alcohol in the last month, but not to excess.

The Casey Anthony monthly report has been published on the site of the Florida Department of Corrections, and reads:

“Offender Anthony reported that she remains unemployed and is not attending vocational or educational classes. She reported that she has had no source of income within the last 30 days.

She told her probation officer that she has not used illegal drugs or controlled substances. She did drink alcohol, but says she did not drink to excess. She has not been arrested nor had contact with law enforcement.

Currently, no violations have been noted. Her probation officer continues to supervise her based on the conditions set forth by the court. ”

Anthony is currently serving a year of probation on check fraud charges stemming from the murder investigation.