iPhone 5 release date rumored to be delayed to 2012, iPhone 4S scores 200,000 pre-orders

First, the Cupertinio company held a keynote where Tim Cook finally introduced the iPhone 4S but not the long-awaited iPhone 5, much to the disappointment of fans.

In addition, a day after the announcement of the iPhone 4S, the death of Steve Jobs, the father of the iPhone, was announced.

Unfortunately for him, he will never see the official release of the iPhone 5.

Analysts say the reason why the world didn’t see the iPhone 5 on Tuesday is because Apple’s device depends on the LTE 4G technology.

Will Strauss, president of wireless chip market research firm Forward Concepts, says Apple is likely to release the iPhone 5 in spring 2012, when LTE chipsets will be available for thin smartphones.

“They’re saving iPhone 5 for the LTE version and that won’t be out until next spring,” Strauss said.

Moreover, back in April, CEO Tim Cook has said that the “first generation of LTE chipsets force a lot of design compromises.”

LTE, which stands for “Long-Term Evolution,” offers significantly higher download and upload speeds compared to current 3G technologies.

Leaving the mysterious iPhone 5 aside, the new iPhone 4S has scored more than 200,000 pre-orders with the U.S. operator AT & T in the space of 12 hours.

This makes the iPhone 4S more popular than the iPhone 4 was when it was put into initial pre-order mode last year.