Jennifer Aniston is no desperate for a child, confesses how she lost her temper

Despite recent claims of a “curvier booty”, hinting at a possible pregnancy, Aniston says she isn’t expecting, nor is she desperate to become a mother.

“There’s no desperation,” Aniston tells the November issue of ELLE. “If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. I’m at peace with whatever the plan is. But will you hate me if I say I don’t want to talk about my relationship?”

But the former Friends star, who is currently dating Justin Theroux, 40, defends her right for privacy, saying, “Will you hate me if I say I don’t want to talk about my relationship?”

The 42-year-old also reveals ion the interview that she can lose her temper when witnessing injustices and that she’s not afraid to let her feelings be known.

“I threw a chair at a director,” she confesses. “It wasn’t my proudest moment.

“He was treating a script supervisor horribly. When the director walked in I threw a chair at him. I missed, of course. I was like, ‘You can’t speak to people like that.’ I can’t tolerate it.”

The November issue of ELLE magazine is devoted to women working in Hollywood . Elizabeth Olsen, Freida Pinto, Evan Rachel Wood, Naomi Watts, Barbra Streisand, Viola Davis, Michelle Pfeiffer and DreamWorks president Stacey Snider are also featured.

[Photo: ELLE]