Britain’s Got Talent’s runner-up Ronan Parke releasing debut album in October

Justin Bieber is about to lose some fans.

And it’s all Ronan Park ’s fault. He’s the 13-year-old contestant from this year’s Britain ’s Got Talent whose astonishing voice made him a favorite of the show.

Ronan recently launched the first video of his career. The song chosen for promotion is called A Thousand Miles and it’s a cover of Vanessa Carlton’s 2001 hit. The song will appear Park’s album, which is expected to be put on sale in late October.

But the boy with the angelic face was at heart of a scandal that rocked the show on ITV1.

An anonymous blogger claimed that Simon Cowell’s record label Syco had signed a contract with Ronan two years earlier and coached him to win the show.

As the allegations surfaced, Simon Cowell appeared on stage to explain before the millions of TV viewers that the claims were nothing but a “deliberate smear campaign” against Ronan and the show.

Ronan too addressed the allegations in an interview with the Daily Mail: “Mum didn’t want me to see the internet blogger thing, but I did anyway. It was all just lies. I was upset that people could say things like that. Simon called my mum up and said he was really sorry about it and very angry. He is such a lovely man. My parents said, ‘We know the truth. You just need to concentrate on your performance.’”

“When I was on the stage in the final I closed my eyes and forgot about all of it. Then when I finished and looked at Simon he gave me a little wink. I thought, “Oh,” and wanted to smile.”

But Ronan lost to Scottish singer Jai McDowall.

“When I didn’t win I guess I was quite close to tears, as anyone would be. But like my mum says, everything happens for a reason.”

The teen also told Daily that he took two years to muster the courage for the talent show.

“I’d been thinking, “Yes I can do it… no I can’t!” for so long, I was really pleased when I actually did it.”

A family friend persuaded him and Ronan finally performed Feeling Good before the jurors. The audience and judges gave roaring applause even before the song ended.

“Sometimes I have to pinch myself,” he says. “I can remember saying to my brother Declan after the audition, ‘Has this just happened?’”

“The past few months have been like a crazy dream,” he says. “I really can’t believe it. After the first audition I’d wake up on a Monday and think, ‘Oh yeah. It’s a school day.’ Then I’d think, ‘But I’m on Britain ’s Got Talent.’”

Ronan’s record company is confident that he will become as famous as Justin Bieber. He already has 40,000 followers on Twitter and 168,000 on Facebook.

And his debut album is set to be released on 24 October in the UK . The record features cover versions of Lady Gaga’s The Edge Of Glory and Adele’s Make You Feel My Love.

With a growing fan base, Ronan is starting to get attention from his female admirers.

“Girls do come up to me crying and shaking and say, ‘I love you so much.’ One day Julia and I were walking home when two girls saw us and just stood there, screaming. Julia was so shocked. To her I’m just Ronan, her best friend.”