Leonardo DiCaprio – dating two Australian models?

Freshly separated from Blake Lively, Leo was said to be already cooing with Alyce Crawford, a former contestant on Australia ‘s Next Top Model.

21-year-old Crawford was said to have been visiting him at his hotel while he was in Sydney filming The Great Gatsby.

However, according to new reports, the actor is said to have thrown himself into the arms of two Australian models.

Days after announcing that Leo might be involved with Alyce Crawford, Sydney ‘s Daily Telegraph reported that he was also seeing model Kendal Schuler, 20.

While DiCaprio’s rep told People that he isn’t dating Crawford, Schuler’s agent told Who magazine that he has “absolutely no comment” on the allegations.

“Leo is shooting Gatsby and that’s about it. The gossips are on overdrive. They have linked him to half of Australia at this point,” a source told People.