Casey Anthony to appear on “E! True Hollywood Story” next week

The show will air next week and it will feature interviews with former boyfriends, defense attorneys, journalists and acquaintances, such as Zenaida Gonzalez, aka Zanny the Nanny.

“If you wanted to hang out [or] go party she was always down,” former boyfriend Brandon Snow said of Anthony.

Another friend of Anthony’s, Clint House, also gives an explanation for the pictures of Anthony competing in a “Hot Body Contest” during the time her daughter was missing.

“She didn’t take off any clothes; she wasn’t up on the stage stripping or anything,” he said. “It was just her you know, standing around and dancing in a blue dress.”

“I think the priority should be figuring out what really happened because that’s the only way that Caylee will ever get justice. It’s not seeing [Casey] behind bars and it’s not seeing her out of jail. It’s knowing what happened and the truth,” says Michelle Bart, the former spokesperson for George and Cindy Anthony.

Anthony is currently serving probation for lying to police and is staying at an undisclosed location in Florida .

The episode will air on October 19, 2011 at 10:00 p.m.