Elizabeth Taylor: Hollywood pays final tribute

Family and close friends of the late Liz Taylor met Sunday afternoon for a ceremony to honor the Hollywood legend. Colin Farrell, Liza Tivey, Maria Burton, Michael Caine, Kate Burton, Sir Elton John, but also Taylor ’s children, Michael and Christopher Wilding, were present.

Colin Farrell, a close friend of the actress, hosted the event, which was attended by 400 people.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Farrell was responsible for orchestrating the event, held in the utmost secrecy in a theater located at Warner Bros. studio lot in Burbank , Los Angeles .

He was one of the few who were present at the private funeral in March.

“I was just lucky enough to become her friend in the last year and a half. I adore her… still,” he told Access Hollywood.

Taylor ‘s son Michael Wilding took the stage and talked about his mother in front of the celebrities in the audience.

“My mother was an extraordinary woman whose life touched so many, most of whom we will never know,” he said.

“Our whole family is extremely proud of her accomplishments, and know what a unique and special experience it was to have her in our lives. Today it was especially meaningful for us to be with so many good friends to celebrate her spirit, which will be with us forever.”

One of Taylor ’s grandsons, Rhys Tivey, played Amazing Grace on the trumpet, one of his grandmother’s favorite songs.

The Hollywood icon died of heart failure in March, after suffering from failing health for years. She was 79.