Hannah Montana star Mitchel Musso busted for DUI

It’s a known fact that young Disney stars have a tendency to get into trouble and this time it is actor Mitchel Musso, best known for playing Oliver Oken in the Hannah Montana series, who has crossed the line.

According to Burbank Police Sgt. Sean Kelley, cited by E! News, the 20-year-old actor was driving his white 2007 Mercedes Benz and failed to reduce speed after receiving the order from police officers.

“An officer was directing traffic and Musso failed to slow down when coming to the intersection,” Kelley says. “He didn’t obey instructions and was pulled over. A DUI investigation was held and he was given a field sobriety test

“Musso is 20 years old so any alcohol in his system is illegal. He was well over the 0.08 limit.”

The former Disney star was arrested at 3:43 a.m., taken to a police station and his bail was set at $5,000.

Luckily for him, he was freed after a few hours without paying the bail because, Kelley says, “he had no warrants or anything like that.”

[Photo: Twitter]