Mercedes S-class could become electric in 2025

The German manufacturer plans to launch a zero-emission version of the Mercedes S-Class. The electric sedan could debut somewhere between 2020 and 2025 and it would only use the propulsion of motors kept alive by the revolutionary lithium-sulfur batteries.

Automotive News reports that Thomas Weber, research boss for Mercedes parent company Daimler, hinted at an electric version during an interview at the Frankfurt auto show.

“This is a visionary outlook that’s the direction we have to go with large cars,” he said.

The same official argued that with the F125 concept! We’re looking at the next generation S-Class.

“This research car was built with the perspective of, what does a car in 2025 look like? – more than two generations ahead,” Weber said.

“If zero emission mobility will be necessary, and that’s what we believe, it’s clear we have to change to electric mobility,” he concluded.