BMW 3 Series equipped with colorful Head-Up Display system

The system developed by BMW offers a better synthesis of information, rivaling similar technology used in fighter aircraft.

In January 2004, BMW became the first European car manufacturer to give its customers a HUD as an option.

The careful selection of symbols and their coloring helps drivers spend 50% less time to assimilate the information provided by the HUD.

The HUD is designed so that only the driver can see the information at eye level and is thought to reduce fatigue behind the wheel. The driver no longer has to look up or down and adapt his eyesight to different distances.

All information is provided at the base of the windshield and the HUD changes brightness according to outside light.

Eurofighter test pilot Robert Hierl is highly impressed: “Our monochrome head-up display technology is unable to offer such a brilliant display quality [compared to the BMW HUD].”