Thomas James Longley to star in the movie Island, a Lord of the Flies homage

Thomas James Longley

Actor Thomas James Longley, star of the 2010 teen slasher Sparrow, is set to appear in the upcoming British indie thriller Island .

Set during a nuclear apocalypse, the story is a modern take on William Golding’s 1954 novel “Lord Of The Flies”.

Unlike the original story, which featured only male characters, the movie Island will focus among other things on the social relationships between male and female groups.

In addition, in the upcoming modern version of the story, the original setting of a desert island is converted into an inner London school in which a group of students are trapped.

While some of the characters are drawn by the desire to build a new society, others try to take advantage of the situation in their own interest.

Island is scheduled to premiere at the end of this year before going on to appear at film festivals in 2012. A trailer is set to be released in the next couple of months.

The film is directed by London-born filmmaker Rehan Malik and co-written by Malik and Leon Hady.

Currently in post-production, Island features a young talented newcomer – Thomas James Longley.

Thomas James Longley

Longley has starred in the 2010 horror film Sparrow and this year he has become one of the new faces of Reiss fashion house.

The Brit has displayed a prolific talent from a very young age. While still a teenager, he appeared in stage plays in and around London and also attended music and drama classes.

Thomas James Longley and Lauren Kellegher

Thanks to his versatility in tackling various roles, especially his work his work in fringe theatre, he was soon offered a place at the National Youth Theatre.

In 2004, the promising actor was cast out of hundreds to interpret the role of the Archangel Gabriel in a revival of The Mystery Plays at Canterbury Cathedral, a performance that earned him critical acclaim from The Times.

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