Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene respond to rumors in exclusive interview – VIDEO

Allegations were rife back in summer that the bride tried to escape before the ceremony after finding out that her husband had a illegitimate child.

In addition, there were reports that said Charlene tried to flee Monaco before her wedding day and was even stopped from boarding a helicopter to Nice , France .

In an interview on NBC’s Today on Thursday the couple dismissed all the speculation.

Asked whether any of these are true, Charlene said, “Not at all.”

“Why would he go through the effort to have our most intimate dearest friends join us for us to be reluctant? It sounded a bit hilarious.”

The prince offered his theory on why people would come up with such stories, saying, “I think they were part jealousy, part people that were envious,” he said. “They did not like the fact that we were finally together.

Regarding the criticism he received for looking serious during the ceremony, Albert commented, “It is unfair. I thought I paid attention to you and smiled at you many times. Maybe that’s not enough for some people.”

“It was also a wonderful opportunity to write on something with a negative spin,” Charlene added, “because people would buy the magazines or listen to all the negativity.”

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