Salma Hayek on her cooking skills and her daughter’s tastes

Salma revealed how she manages to trick her 4-year-old daughter Valentina Paloma into eating healthy.

“I camouflage them. They love pasta … [so] I put [them] in tomato sauce,” she said.

“You know what you can hide really well? Aubergine [eggplant], roast carrots, roast bell peppers [and] you can put a little bit of greens if you put enough of the other stuff.”

Hayek, who is married to French businessman François-Henri Pinault, also offered her advice on how to handle children’s behavior while traveling.

“She’s on the plane a lot and in the car a lot and sometimes they get cranky. Really, you know what that is? They’re getting carsick,” she explained.

“I have these bracelets that are for motion sickness that I used while I was pregnant — because I was carsick for 9 months nonstop! I put them on her and it’s made a huge difference.”

But the actress said she never misses the opportunity to spend time with her daughter as much as possible.

“We have our dates that it’s just her and I, we have to have them,” she said. ”They’re always at night, you know, we go to the movies or to dinner just her and I.”