Madonna responds to song leaking on the net

The demo version of Give Me All Your Love was shared thousands of times on the Web, much to the disapproval of the Queen of Pop.

Although the first single from her upcoming album was set to be released in February 2012 during the SuperBowl, it appeared on the Internet on November 9.

However, it is only the demo of the song and not the final version.

Madonna’s manager Guy Oseary relayed a message from Madonna: “My true fans wouldn’t do this.”

Oseary commented that while Madonna is pleased with the positive reactions the tune received, she is also “very upset with whoever leaked the song.”

Madonna’s team has been successful in removing the track from most sites.

The voices of Nicki Minaj and MIA, scheduled for the final piece, might be able to raise the level.

Oseary also revealed that the leaked version of Give Me All Your Love is unfinished and work on the singer’s next album is not yet complete.

“It should be done in the next month or so,” he wrote.