William and Kate will spend the start of next year separated

Press Association

The Duke of Cambridge will spend six weeks on the South Atlantic islands and he will be stationed at the RAF Mount Pleasant air base there.

“This deployment forms part of a normal squadron crew rotation and will form part of Flt. Lt. Wales’s training and career progression as a Search and Rescue pilot within the RAF,” a statement from the Ministry of Defense says.

The transfer, which is part of the prince’s military training as a pilot, comes just in time for the 30th anniversary of the war between Britain and Argentina , which continues to claim the islands they call the Malvinas.

William, who is known in the military as Flight Lt. William Wales, will be part of a crew of four Royal Air Force personnel on the deployment.

The Prince will depart on his six-week mission after spending Christmas with his wife.

The six weeks will be the longest period the newlyweds have ever spent apart from each other. However, Kate is said to have been “very supportive” of his decision.