Why Madonna was called “hairy monster” in high-school

The pop queen confides in the interview about the ridicule to which she was subjected during high-school, explaining why she would often be called “hairy monster.”

“The boys in my school would make fun of me,” she reveals. “You know, things like that.”

“And then, going to high school, I saw how popular girls had to behave to get the boys. I knew I couldn’t fit into that. So I decided to do the opposite. I refused to wear makeup, to have a hairstyle. I refused to shave. I had hairy armpits.”

“Straight men did not find me attractive,” she continues. “I think they were scared of me because I was different.”

Twice divorced and now a mother of four, Madonna complains about being judged according to her age.

“I find whenever someone writes anything about me, my age is right after my name,” she says. “It’s almost like they’re saying, ‘Here she is, but remember she’s this age, so she’s not that relevant anymore.’ When you put someone’s age down, you’re limiting them.”

The singer also reveals that she regularly checks her daughter Lourdes ’ blog before she publishes it.

“I proofread her blogs and edit them,” Madonna says. “I give her a hard time when I think she’s being a lazy writer.”

[Photos: Harper’s Bazaar]