iPhone 5 rumors: a source claims to have tested a prototype of the device

Business Insider has obtained the testimony of a usually well informed Apple source, who reportedly toyed for 15 days with an iPhone 5prototype, which apparently was quite far from being finalized.

The insider also gives some details about the characteristics that the prototype supposedly has:

  • 4-inch screen
  • Aluminum backs (like the iPad 2)
  • Liquid metal technology to make different colored phones
    • Much faster, but lower battery
    • 10-megapixel camera
  • Thinner and wider
  • No physical home button

According the same source, the design of the device didn’t satisfy Steve Jobs, in particular the screen: such a format would have induced a fragmentation of the iOS software.

However, Business Insider also warns that the post should be taken “with a nice fat dose of salt.”

Needless to explain, these characteristics are essentially the same as the ones that had been mentioned before the release of the iPhone 4S.