Snow White and the Huntsman, starring Kristen Stewart, first teaser trailer released – VIDEO

Directed by Rupert Sanders, this remake of Snow White will be much darker than the Disney version inspired by the legendary tale of the Grimm Brothers.

The movie will feature a Snow White in armor, who rides like a knight, far from the image of the princess in distress. In addition to Stewart, the casting includes Thor star Chris Hemsworth playing the hunter. Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron will complete the picture in the role of the wicked queen.

Stewart revealed that she wasn’t initially attracted to the role of Snow White, but it was the film’s original take on the classic story that eventually convinced her to accept the role.

Kristen Stewart, 21, is already a popular actress thanks to the Twilight saga, particularly appreciated for her innocent and angelic aura.

However, some fear that Kristen’s Snow White will be a pale copy of the role she is most famous for, Bella Swan.

The movie Snow White and the Huntsman will arrive in theaters next year.