iPhone 5 rumors: 4G LTE technology and curved glass screen

Rumors about Apple’s future iPhone 5 are back. Business Insider has revealed that one of its sources had access to a prototype of the device.

This source claims that the future Apple device will have a 4 inch screen, an aluminum case in different colors, a 10-megapixel camera, a touch-sensitive home button as opposed to a physical press button and a much slimmer design.

In addition, reports say that the iPhone 5 won’t hit the market until 2012 when the 4G LTE networking will be available.

Since current 4G LTE antennas are physically large and absorb a great amount of power, the iPhone 5 is believed to have been put on hold so that its creators will be able to endow it with an advanced such technology once it becomes available.

However, the most interesting rumor regarding the reason why the world didn’t get to see the launch of the iPhone 5 last month is that Apple’s designers intended on adorning the device with a curved Gorilla Glass display, nixing the phone’s planned October launch in the process.

Tech sites reported back in May that Apple had purchased 200-300 glass-cutting machines that specialize in curved screens, fueling speculation that the Cupertino company plans on implementing a curved glass screen into the iPhone 5.