Steve Jobs wanted Apple to become a wireless carrier

John Stanton, a venture capitalist and wireless industry veteran, has shared that Steve Jobs often spoke to him of his dream to see Apple have its own mobile network, IDG News reports.

He wanted to somehow create a carrier that used a Wi-Fi network for its users.

“He and I spent a lot of time talking about whether synthetically you could create a carrier using WiFi spectrum,” Stanton reportedly said. “That was part of his vision.”

The Apple CEO would have used WiFi because frequency bands used by it are not subject to licensing: Apple could, in this way, create a mobile network and override traditional operators.

Their meetings took place between 2005 and 2007 until Jobs gave up the idea.

Apple then passed an exclusive agreement with AT & T, still imposing its rules on the game.

Stanton also commented that Apple has made a huge impact on the industry even without being its own carrier, and said that companies should keep taking chances on innovative companies and new services.