Selena Gomez reacts to Justin Bieber scandal for the first time

Invited on the set of the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Selena couldn’t avoid the subject when the host asked: “You’ve been all right?”

“I have been, yeah,” the 19-year-old replied, before adding that “it’s not easy” to deal with but she is okay.

Referring to reports that the lawsuit had been dropped, DeGeneres said: “Everything’s all good now. You knew that all along but it’s nice to have everything out in the open now.”

Selena replied: “Yeah, it’s good to just kind of be good.”

Recent reports have revealed that Yeater tried to cover up text messages claiming another man was the dad.

TMZ has obtained a number of phone texts that Mariah wrote to a friend, saying: “ERASE ALL MESSAGES from my mum where she says Tristyn is [ex-boyfriend] Robbies Son.”

She also reportedly wrote that if her friend helped her get rid of the messages, she’ll share a part of the money with him “when we get paid.”

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