Natalie Wood death case reopened, Robert Wagner not a suspect

The actress was found drowned while she was on a boat cruise. After celebrating Thanksgiving weekend with her ​​husband Robert Wagner and actor Christopher Walken on their yacht The Splendour, a non-violent argument allegedly broke out between the two men during the cruise.

Natalie Wood was said to have left foe her cabin. However, her husband and Christopher Walken failed to find her. The coroner’s office concluded that her death was accidentally.

The decision to reopen the case had been taken on the basis of captain Dennis Davern’s revelations.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Lt. John Corina said Friday that actor Robert Wagner is not considered a suspect in the murder of his former wife.

The lieutenant revealed that they will be interviewing new witnesses and speak to people who didn’t talk to police originally or who have different information than they first provided.

“Already people are coming forwarding and wanting to talk to us,” Corina said.

“Recently, we have received information which we felt was substantial enough to make us take another look at this case.”