Apple iOS 5.0.2 update reportedly delayed due to memory leak problems

However, a German tech site claimed that iOS 5.0.2 requires more testing before it can be released. said that the update will be delayed to fix “address-based memory leaks,” or bugs that cause apps to consume memory without releasing resources once they are no longer needed.

The iOS 5.0.2 update is rumored to offer 10 hours of active use, 200 hours of standby time, up to 8 hours of 3G talk time, 6 hours of 3G Internet use, 10 hours of video playback, or 40 hours of audio playback.

Last week it was reported that Apple is working on iOS 5.1, which promised to have “many changes” related to Siri voice control. However, the development of Siri is “very expensive,” and there‘s no chance of seeing it on the market until next year.