Conrad Murray to pay $ 100 million to Michael Jackson’s kids?

According to TMZ, Dr. Conrad Murray may have to pay $ 100 million to the children of Michael Jackson for the loss of their father.

In court documents obtained by the site, the district attorney writes that Jackson ’s children are “entitled to wages or profits lost due to injury incurred by the victim.”

The designated amount covers wages, lost profits and funeral expenses.

The D.A. cited a letter from the Jackson Estate, estimating that Jackson would have made 100 million dollars in revenue from the This Is It tour.

The prosecutor confirmed that he was seeking the maximum sentence against Murray because he “risking Mr. Jackson’s life every night” by giving him the powerful anesthetic in his efforts to cure the singer’s insomnia.

The D.A. also believes that Jackson was a “particularly vulnerable victim” and that Murray lied to hide his crime.

Murray has been in prison since November 7 while awaiting sentencing.