Michael Jackson trial: Conrad Murray sentenced to four years in prison

“He violated the trust of the medical community, of his colleagues and of his patient,” said Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor, “and he has absolutely no sense of remorse, absolutely no sense of fault, and is and remains dangerous.”

Prosecutors also claimed $ 100 million in compensation for the Jackson family for the loss of income caused by the star’s death.

The judge established that Murray , 58, will have to pay MJ’s kids for the loss of their father, but the amount would be decided at a subsequent hearing, scheduled for January 23.

Cries of joy were heard from a few dozen Jackson fans who were present yesterday morning to hear the judge’s decision.

Michael Jackson’s mother, Katherine, and his siblings, Jermaine and LaToya, were present in court to hear the sentencing of Dr. Murray.

“We’re not here to seek revenge. There is nothing that you can do today that will bring back Michael,” Jackson family attorney Brian Panish told the court at a sentencing hearing.

Murray didn’t take the stand, but in a documentary interview conducted before the verdict he said, “I don’t feel guilty because I did not do anything wrong.”