iOS vs. Android: find out who offers the best security

According to the report, Apple’s advantage comes from the fact that the company restricts the way apps can be downloaded from its App Store.

Currently, there have been no known cases of iPhones affected by malware, except those that have been jailbroken.

iOS users can download apps through App Store or through Mobile Device Management, which are tightly controlled by Apple, hence ensuring a safer environment.

On the other hand, the report says, Android welcomes third party management tools on the Marketplace, thus making devices more vulnerable to malware.

iOS currently excludes third-party management tools on iPhone devices, offering its own toolset. By contrast, Android welcomes security apps but by doing so, it puts security at risk.

In addition, given that Android holds the market leadership right now, it is more prone to getting malware because it is the frontrunner.

As a consequence, due to its leading position, Android has attracted new mobile malware attacks, 63 percent in the second quarter of 2011 precisely, despite managing to get ahead of Symbian on the smartphone market.

“Apple’s approach is proactive and focused on prevention,” the report noted. “Google’s plan is apparently to encourage the creation of apps and deal with the problems as they occur, in a reactive fashion.

Google’s may be a sensible move to generate a large volume and wide variety of apps, but from the security perspective it creates exactly the kind of environment in which malware gangs feel comfortable.”

In conclusion, the report shows that iOS devices are more risk-free thanks to Apple’s tight control over the App Store utilities while Android could pose a higher malware risk due to its welcoming third-party management tools.

Nonetheless, it is also important to note that Android’s method is open to creativity and spontaneity in dealing with problems. In the case of iOS devices, Apple provides users with a handful of tools but there are no choices for those wanting something different.

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