Carrier IQ still on iPhone 4, but not included in iOS 5

“We stopped supporting Carrier IQ [a piece of software that tracks user activity] with iOS 5 in most of our products, and we’re going to remove it completely in a future software update,” an Apple statement says.

“It was just for diagnostic data that was sent to Apple, and customers had to actively opt in to that to even provide us that level of information,” Apple explained.

“If they opted in, that data was sent anonymously, and in encrypted fashion. We did not record keystrokes, messages or any personal information for the diagnostic data, and we have no plans to in the future.”

Carrier IQ is installed on smartphones in order to collect information, to allegedly help networks improve service.

Sprint has denied using the software to track its customers, as has AT&T. In addition, Verizon and Google have denied using it.

Carrier IQ has caused quite a stir recently after a video emerged showing that it was spying on millions of smartphone users by logging every action on a phone, including calls, location, and every key pressed on the device.