iOS 5 jailbreak: over 10 million crash reports received by Dev Team

Last week, the hackers at Chronic Dev Team asked for iPhone users’ crash reports from their iPhones to find new and un-patched exploits that could help them find an untethered jailbreak.

The hackers plan to use the tool in their attempt to find vulnerabilities that may lead to an untethered jailbreak for the iOS 5.

The reporter tool sends users’ iOS crash reports present on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad to the jailbreak team rather than to Apple.

“Using this agglomeration of your crash reports and our ninja skills, Chronic Dev will be able to quickly pinpoint vulnerabilities in various programs by using the same techniques Apple currently employs,” Joshua Hill wrote in a blog post.

Hill announced on Saturday that the Chronic Dev Team has received over 10 million crash reports, 10,071,868 precisely, in a mere six days.

He also added that the Chronic Dev Team is using MapReduce to run tests that would normally take days in just a few seconds.