Angelina Jolie makes Brad Pitt’s parents proud

In addition to winning the heart of her partner, Angelina has also managed to win the favors of her in-laws.

“It means everything,” she said of having Bill and Jane Pitt in her company. “I couldn’t be standing here without them.”

Brad’s parents, who matched the pair in black ensembles, told reporters how “very proud” they were of Angelina’s work and professed their admiration for her ability to be a “really good mom.”

Jolie’s directorial debut tells the love story of a soldier and a prisoner during the war in Bosnia and the 36-year-old mom-of-six is also responsible for writing and producing the film.

“I have a wonderful partner in Brad and we take turns working always,” she said of juggling work and family. “So I was with the kids when he shot Moneyball, and when he finished he took a few months off while I was shooting this.”

Fortunately she could thank Brad for bringing the kids on set almost every day.

“It was helpful [to have them there], but the kids had to be kept away from most of the set,” she said. “So they would be outside playing with the fake snow and I would be inside working on something else.”

Jolie’s directorial debut tells a love story of a Serbian soldier and a Bosnian prisoner woman during the 1992 Bosnian War.

The premiere of her movie is not the only place Angelina got a chance to bond with the elder Pitts.

The trio was recently spotted on an outing in New York on Tuesday and looked relaxed and happy together.