iPhone 5 rumors: photo taken with iPhone 5 leaks online?

According to PocketNow.com, who claims to have found the image on the web, although it doesn’t specify its source, the photo is said to have been taken by an iPhone 4, but judging by its EXIF data, the truth seems to be somewhere else.

The site explains that even though the pic was cropped to 2235×2291 (5.12 megapixels), the original resolution was actually 3264×2448, which fits around 8 megapixels on a 4:3 aspect ratio.

Needless to say, rumors have been rife lately that the iPhone 5 will come equipped with an 8-megapixel snapper.

In addition, PocketNow.com writes, “the lens was recorded as a 4.3mm f/2.4, which is closer to that of a point-and-shoot than the iPhone 4’s actual 3.85mm f/2.8.”

In all likelihood, an Apple engineer is the one who took the picture.

A reader on the site theverge.com managed to straighten out the curved reflection on the plate through image processing, making visible what seems to be a phone.

What do you think? Is this really a photo taken with the much-awaited iPhone 5?

[Photos: PocketNow; Theverge]