iPhone 5 Notification Center to be improved after Apple hires fresh talent

Apparently, the young man’s ideas have made a good impression on the folks up at the iPhone maker.

Cart, a mass media major in Georgia, announced that he is headed to Cupertino for a seven-month internship with Apple on his new blog.

“Welcome to the new blog section of my website. Soon I will be embarking to California, where I will be interning at a fruit company for seven months. I will be updating this to chronicle my adventures and misadventures in the Bay Area for my family, friends, and followers online. Stay tuned, I leave in less than a month!”

According to his blog, Cart has just started experimenting with Xcode and learning about iOS development.

Apple’s recent series of hires has led many to believe that further changes are to be amde to the iOS Notification Center.

The company has previously hired from the community – in May, they worked with Petar Hajas, who developed the jailbreak app MobileNotifier.