Top 5 rumors this year: iPhone 5, Beyoncé, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry, Pippa Middleton and iOS 5

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iPhone 5 release date

The long-awaited iPhone 5 hasn’t been launched this year to the disappointment of fans (Tim Cook unveiled the iPhone 4S instead) and the latest rumors say that the highly anticipated Apple device will appear in the fall of 2012.

Beyoncé fake pregnancy

Pregnant Beyoncé doesn’t need any publicity, let’s be serious, it’s Beyoncé. Yet media speculated about a fake pregnancy. As a consequence, the singer’s rep responded to the allegations, saying that the fake-bump rumors are “stupid, ridiculous and false.”

Kate Middleton’s pregnancy

Everyone waited anxiously for the royal wedding, but now an heir to the throne is expected and tabloids are speculating on all of the Duchess’ gestures. Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said that “if Prince William and Catherine Middleton were to have a baby daughter as their first child, I think most people would think it is perfectly fair and normal that she would eventually become Queen of our country.”

Pippa Middleton and Prince Harry romance


Although Prince Harry denied having a relationship with Pippa Middleton, the media has long dreamed that the two would eventually hook up. At one point, there were fans who would have loved to see the two of them get together and made up a Facebook page titled “Pippa Middleton is single – Prince Harry likes this,” which became popular on the net.

iOS 5 contains iPhone 5 references

Soon after the release of iOS 5.1, developers found intriguing codenames suggesting that much-awaited Apple products will soon appear. It was discovered that the iOS 5.1 code contains references to the iPhone 5 and 2 iPads, internally named iPhone 5,1, iPad 2,4 and iPad 3,3, respectively. Given that the iPhone 4S was previously listed internally as iPhone 4,1, this reference to iPhone 5,1 could cite the next-generation iPhone model.

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