iPhone 5 rumors this year, or what makes it worth waiting for 2012

Here are some of the rumors that have created the iFrenzy this year.

Main rumored iPhone 5 features

A source who claimed to have had access to a prototype of the iPhone 5 sparked a whole lot of interest last month with details of the possible features.

The insider gave a list of characteristics that the prototype supposedly had and these are:

· 4-inch screen
· Aluminum backs (like the iPad 2)
· Liquid metal technology to make different colored phones
· Much faster, but lower battery
· 10-megapixel camera
· Thinner and wider
· No physical home button

The same source claimed that Steve Jobs wasn’t pleased with the device, particularly the screen, as he believed such a format would have induced a fragmentation of the iOS software.

Curved glass screen and 4G LTE technology

Tech sites rushed in last month to report that Apple’s designers intended on adorning the iPhone 5 with a curved Gorilla Glass display, thus explaining why the device was nixed back in October in favor of the iPhone 4s.

In addition, the Cupertino company has also reportedly envisioned including 4G LTE technology into the device once it becomes available.

“Liquid metal” technology and personal assistant

The same source who had the chance to hold the so-called iPhone 5 prototype also talked about the ‘liquid metal’ technology that Apple allegedly plans to use in order to make colored iPhones. Liquid Metal resembles paint made out of aluminum, full saturated with color, highly resistant to scratching.

The insider also said the prototype was equipped with the new Siri voice-operated app – as it is on the iPhone 4S – and that it was called Assistant.

Quad-core and 16:9 720p display to be coming in 2012

Unlike the iPhone 4S CPU, which is dual-core only, the iPhone 5 is rumored to include a quad-core CPU.

In addition, the next generation devices could be powered by a resolution of 1280 by 720, making it the best quality screen on the market.

The aspect ratio of the display might also suffer some changes as the current 3:2 aspect ratio could change to a 1440 x 900 display in the future.

Airbag-equipped iPhone 5 in the future

Apple reportedly patented a special anti-shock system that would help the device withstand a fall.

Apple describes several methods for creating crack-resistant glass screens for its iPhones and other portable devices, including the use of a “micro-inflatable bladder” between the glass cover and the rest of the device that would fill up with a liquid when an impact is imminent.

iPhone 5 could feature a nano-SIM

The smallest SIM card in the world, the nano-SIM, could be included in the future iphone 5.

The nano-SIM card offers a size of 12 x 9 x 0.66 mm, compared to the micro-SIM that measures 15 x 12 x 0.76 mm. its advantages include a decrease in size by 52%, meaning more space in the smartphone, a larger storage capacity, as well as increased security.

iPhone 5 with shatterproof OLED display

OLED diѕрlаy, which ѕtаnds for Organic Light Emitting Diode dіѕplaу, is said to be a characteristic of the future iPhone 5.

According to insiders, the devices showed a 0% crack rate on Apple tests when dropped from as high as 12 feet onto a concrete or tile surface.