iPhone 5 rumors: shatterproof OLED display, photo leak and more

iPhone 5 could feature shatterproof OLED display

OLED diѕрlаy, which ѕtаnds for Organic Light Emitting Diode dіѕplaу, will reportedly eqipu Apple’s next generation of smartphones.

According to Mac OS Rumors, the OLED display will be shatterproof and far more resistant than the current “gorilla glass” and LCD design used in the iPhone 4S.

In addition, the resolution is said to remain the same, 960×640, but its size could increase to approximately 4 inches.

iPhone 5 photo leaks online

A picture captured by what seems to be the future iPhone model leaked online around three months ago.

Although the pic was cropped to 2235×2291 (5.12 megapixels), the original resolution was actually 3264×2448, which fits around 8 megapixels on a 4:3 aspect ratio.

All of this is in accordance with the latest speculation that the iPhone 5 will come equipped with an 8-megapixel snapper.

Apple to buy flash memory company for $400-$500 million

The Cupertino company is rumored to be negotiating the acquisition of Anobit, an Israel-based flash memory company, for the staggering sum of 400-$500 million.

Anobit focuses on flash memory and digital signal processing technologies and it may soon become Apple’s research and development center in Israel.

Apple might use the company’s technology to increase and enhance the memory volume and performance of its devices.

Apple hires engineer for the bettering of the iPhone 5 Notification Center

Jan-Michael Cart, known for creating a clever mocked up Notification Center redesign and posting it to YouTube has been hired by the company as an intern for a period of seven months.

Cart wrote on his blog that he has just started experimenting with Xcode and learning about iOS development.

Apple’s recent series of hires has led many to believe that further changes are to be amde to the iOS Notification Center.